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Cashcoolcom System

CashCoolCom Sysyem (By Sambet) is a single, integrated software system to manage, control and audit the resources of small and medium companies.

The system consists of a group of integrated systems which includes:

  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Point Of Sale
  • Human Resources

Accounting and Finance

CashCoolCom contains flexible and comprehensive properties for financial management that allows for the follow-up of the money flow in companies in a valid and safe manner, and provides decision-makers with the ability to access financial information accurately and rapidly according to their needs thus enhancing their ability to take the right decision in a timely manner.

In addition, CashCoolCom provides the capability to review and track all the activities of the company's accounts, which assists in the management and addressing of accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Accounting and Financial Management Features

  • Flexible general ledger tree
  • Control Your Accounts and transactions
  • Track Bank Accounts & Checks
  • Keep an eye on Customers and Sales
  • Control expenses and receivable payments
  • Extensive Reporting

Inventory & Sales

Save time and effort while receiving better business insight and deeper analytics. CashCoolCom helps in simplifying daily procedures for Inventory Control

  • Track your items 
  • Control your warehouses
  • Track transactions(in, out, transfer, returns, damaged items)
  • Define customers and issue invoices 
  • Receive payments
  • Relate checks to bills
  • Track accounts payable
  • Accurate costing
  • A variety of Reports

Point Of Sale

Cashcoolcom POS Helps businesses across various industries including grocery stores, supermarkets, Restaurants and general retail

      • Easy to use.
      • All-in-one custom POS solution
      • Inventory Management
      • Comprehensive customizable reports 
      • Detailed sales and profit reports
      • Cashier permissions management
      • Compatible with touch screens, Barcode devices and scales.
      • Fully integrated with Inventory and Accounting System


Human Resources

CashCoolCom provides a complete solution for the management and follow-up to all personnel in companies of all sizes.

  • Monitoring the attendance of staff accurately
  • Flixable Clock-in  Options
  • Integration with fingerprint attendance machines
  • Payroll System
  • Handling Social Security and Income Tax
  • Calculating Overtime payments
  • Keeping data related to all staff
  • Handling all types of leave
  • Handling Allowances and bonuses (rewards)
  • Ease of defining sections and jobs
  • Providing detailed reports

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