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Alarms Monitor

Alarms Monitor is an alarm management software package designed for use in conjunction with the Texecom’s security products.It has many features including printable reports, detailed account history and alarm status notifications.

Alarms Monitor is a single, comprehensive system that monitors installed security systems on multiple sites for specific alarm signals.It provides you with the tools to manage, configure and control your alarm system.

Remote diagnosis for multiple sites

Alrms Monitor is a high performance security solution, it lets you take direct control of your alarm system from anywhere.

You can remotely diagnose and monitor your security system with compatible remote signalling capabilities. Reduces unnecessary site visits and prevents problems before they occur; saving you time and money whilst providing you with peace of mind.

Success Story

It’s been a pleasure partnering with Alsaleh Company to deploy our Alarms Monitor in Jordan Islamic Bank. Our Alarms Monitor is specially customized to provide a centralized and automated solution to protect all JIB branches.

The system consists of an integrated alarm management software that is implemented at the monitoring station.It allows the reception and management of different alarm events (burglary, panic, opening off-schedule etc).

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