Games Design

We have the right technical resources to help you build your game and bring your ideas to life. We are a specialized innovative development house with talented teams capable of providing amazing games and deploying them to store.

We have been developing games for a long time. We meet and get to know you. You tell us and we listen. We build your game and we deliver the ready product

Mobile Development

The Mobile has become in our world today an integral part of our practical and professional life through which we complete most of our procedures, whether administrative, financial or marketing.

We are a professional specialized company and we have the expertise to build and develop applications on operating systems (Android / IOS) and the latest technologies that we harness for you to deliver your brand, business, services, products, and creative ideas to easily reach the largest number of customers.

Web Design

The website is your organization identity, your address and your portal to the world via the Internet, We are the experts in the production of this digital portal developed on the latest technologies and web platforms, Following the latest standards of search optimization (SEO), to show your site on the first page of Google search.

 Our specialized team has taken great care of the use of a special and developed content management system (CRM) in a way that provides high ease of use and the best security standards. Use of the best user experience (UX) technologies


Accounting & POS

CashCoolCom System (By Sambet)  Enhances the ability of companies to manage its operations and plan its resources more efficiently and less costly while providing better service to customers. It is also a main driver to raise their competitiveness and profitability.

CashCoolCom is a single, integrated software system to manage, control and audit the resources of companies

CashCoolCom provides many administrative and financial reports accurately and fast, in a way that serves decision-makers in companies in various departments to make the right decision at the appropriate time thus reflecting on their ability to meet the needs of company’s customers.

The system consists of a group of integrated systems which includes:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Sales and Inventory Control
  • Human Resources
  • Point Of Sale


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